Needle Cases - 10 patterns

Make a needlecase for yourself or another using these free needlecase sewing patterns.

A needlecase is a great way to hold your sewing needles and other bits and bobs. Add a pocket to hold a tape and other essentials and a simple needlecase becomes a useful sewing organizer. Another great thing about making needlecases is their size. Being small, you can really go to town with decorations and embellishments. I've seen some beautiful needlecases with intricately embroidered covers which would make great gifts.

Felt is a great fabric for making needlecases and as such this makes a good project for children. Felt is well suited to hand sewing and as it does not fray, it does not require hemming. A needlecase is easy to hand sew and an ideal first project for a child to make.

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Beachy Needle Case

This easy project uses found objects to make a simple clasp which could be replicated with other items
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Added 23 May, 2012

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