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Welcome to FreeNeedle!

Our aim is quite simple - to collect together a directory of all the wonderful free information about Sewing and Needlecrafts available on the Internet.

As well as offering a directory broken down by category, we've also made it possible to search the entire database. So if you are looking for a specific sewing pattern, tutorial or project, simply type in some keywords to search the database.

We've spent many happy hours trawling the internet looking for great sewing patterns, tutorials, projects and information, however we know that there are still plenty of pages we've not found yet. Please let us know via the 'Suggest a Link' page of any useful web pages we should be including - or get in touch using the 'contact us' box on the 'About' page.


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What the Codes Mean

Within each category, you will find that projects have been marked with a letter P, T, I or L.

These indicate the following:

  • P = Printable Pattern
  • T = Tutorial with step by step instructions and pictures
  • I = Instructions
  • L = Lesson Plans

Also, do remember that you can search for something specific. For instance if you are looking for things to make with fleece, or ways to use old t-shirts, use the search facility to help find what you are looking for.

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Know an Online Sewing Pattern or Project We've Overlooked?

We're enjoying searching out the great free online sewing projects which people are generously sharing on websites, in blogs and else where on the internet - however we've still a long way to go!

Do you know of some we've missed ?

Let us know!!

Either submit the link via the Suggest a Link form or Contact us by email